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Cooperation programs

1. Modesto(USA) - Agreement on becoming twin-cities was signed in August 1987

  • Exchange of pupils and teachers;
  • Participation of artists of Khmelnytskyi city in Modesto twin-cities international festivals;
  • Study of law experience;
  • Humanitarian medical aid for hospitals of Khmelnytskyi city;
  • Visits of the official delegations;
  • Memorable signs on 15th Anniversary of Agreement signing were established.


2. Silistra (Bulgaria) - April  1992

  • Youth summer recreation in Silistra city;
  • Participation in international folk festivals;
  • Visits of the official delegations.


3.    Bor (Serbia) - May 1995

  • Children's summer recreation in Khmelnytskyi and Bor;
  • Establishment of "Zinmar" joint venture;
  • Exhibitions of art works in both cities;
  • Humanitarian aid from Khmelnytskyi to Bor;
  • Visits of the official delegations.


4. Belts (Moldova) - June 1996

  • Implementation of mutual sports events;
  • Visits of delegations;
  • Participation in conferences.


5. Ciechanow (Poland) - November 1996

  • Annual participation in city-partners forum in Ciechanow;
  • Mutual artistic programs;
  • Study of medical experience;
  • Participation of industrial enterprises in thematic exhibitions.
  • Program of cooperation of municipal television companies.


6. Kramfors (Sweden)- May 1997

  • School-partners programs;
  • Ecological program;
  • Program of experience exchange in fire safety;
  • Participation of Kramfors municipality in computerization of educational institutions in Khmelnytskyi;
  • Visits of the official delegations.


7.    Shijazhuang (China) - October 1998

  • Participation of delegation of Khmelnytskyi city in international forums of China twin-cities.



9.    Aguascalientes (Mexico) - April 2002

  • Artistic programs;
  • Visits of the official delegations of Khmelnytskyi city.


10.Siauliai (Lithuania) - May 2001

  • School-partners program;
  • Artistic programs;
  • Visits of the official delegations.


11.Manises (Spain) - June 2002

  • Artistic programs;
  • Visits of the official delegations.


12. Carmel (Іsrael) - September 2007

  • School partnership;
  • Cultural and artistic programs, visits of the official delegations.


On information of sister cities and international relations consult the department of organizational, informational work and control of Khmelnytskyi City Council tel./fax +38 0382  76-51-22.

Coordinator:Bohdan Basistyi




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